Saturday, December 02, 2006


One thing about blogging is that you're so-called life and opinions are publicly publicized and you'll get responses whether people agree with you or not. I officially have a hate-fan .. check my flooble chatterbox and you can find dear Amanda on it. I don't know why she hates me so much .. totally negligible. Guess she just have some mentally unstable issues .. first the eye-sight, then the english understanding level capability, then certainly some insecurity on physical attributes. But hey, I have more people coming to this blog! Haha .. should that be some kind of compliment? If I was really that unknown, how come she gets to know about my blog. Honestly, as vain as I can be .. I don't really give a flying f$#k as to whether I'm physically desirable or not. At least I don't really have a problem worrying whether am I undesirable or not. I'm confident and comfortable of who I am .. there are people who take me seriously .. and sure am nothing close to a bimbo. God gave me this look to wear and I'm certainly kinda happy, thankful and proud of it.

What is the issue of people slamming on other people's physical attributes? I don't get it .. really. She's ugly .. she's fat .. she's flat .. she's a whore .... bottomline is ... SO????!!!!!! Does that really affect your life? I feel it's either excessive flattery, envy or jealously. You get a new beauty queen .. and starts slamming her with she's too thin .. too ugly .. bla bla .. bottomline is .. she won. And do you think she gives a damn on what you think? Who cares if Kate Moss's boobs are small or she too short to be a supermodel? Who cares if famous celebs look horrid without their make up? Accept the fact and move on with your life. Important point: Are you that important in the society for people to really give a shit on what you think? So the next time before you start slamming people on whatever you are unsatisfied with .. first take a look in the mirror and ask yourself .. who are you to criticize?

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geline said...

dun care abt those bitches comment my dear.. just that u are soo pretty she is too jealous...