Thursday, December 07, 2006

Google Earth

Being so bored at work today, I decided to surf the net for some inspiration to work. My engine hasn't been warmed up properly so I needed some boost .. something interesting to perk me up .. even for that 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the 10 minute break has expanded to nearly an hour break .. hahahahaha .. sorry boss! I've heard about this amazing thing called Google Earth some time back, but didn't even bothered trying it coz it sounds rather absurd to actually see your house from the net! Ok .. so I'm not an IT freak .. at least I'm not thaaaaattttt illiterate laa!! Caught the movie Deja Vu over the weekend and I think Google Earth was their muse! That one a lil bit exaggerating ! Can view 360o on a person .. somemore can enter their house and see what they're doing! Someone please tell me that there isn't such technology around..violation of human rights and privacy!!!

Anyways .. this is what I found ...

I was thrilled on my excavation through the map. It's no easy job man ! It's not like you can type in a specific address and it'll bring you there. I queried for the city .. and I had to navigate myself from there. Everything's from top view .. so all you see is roofs and you've gotta have agood sense of direction to navigate your way through. I got Michelle on this program as well and she's hooked .. kinda cruel to do this to a pregnant lady rite? Haha ... but am sure she's enjoying it!I searched for everything .. my house, my office, my bf's house, my dad's office, shopping malls, my university in Melaka.. way up to my granny's house in Penang! The shopping malls kinda look ugly from the top. I strongly recommend that they paint the top of the building with their logo or something .. at least it's like some sort of advertisement for them as well. Searching for places in US was much easier, you key in an address ... YES, exact address and they bring you straight there. Biaised ain't it .. why can't it be the same as in Malaysia?!

Go try it! Hazardous warning: Excessive straining to the eyes may result in cock-eye. Don't blame me if you look "funny". Haha ..

* Movies *
Caught 2 movies over the weekend .. DejaVu and Bond. All Denzel Washington movies are must sees .. well, althought this one is kinda exaggerating..nonetheless, i still like it. Bond .. for me i'm not really a Bond movie person, so I don't really know how to appreciate it. Daniel Craig (if that's his name) is really "man" .. not your average handsome, stylo, etc etc guy gals would actually drool on .. but he's the "hunk" in his age category. Anyways, the movie is kinda off due to my opinionated reasons: 1. Bond has limited facial expressions, 2. The lovely lovely lovely Maserati had no leading role in the movie. Previous bond movies, it had some part in the movie showing off the wow factor of the car .. this one, most scenes are done on foot, which i think Daniel Craig could very well join the US team of track & field in the coming Beijing Olympics! The Maserati scene in Bond lasted for i think *busuk busuk* 2 minutes i.e. on the highway before smashing up after losing control of the car. The End. 3. The villain in the movie .. well .. not up to par. He was much more of a loser sandwiched between the "ultimate" bad guy and Bond. 4. The loser's gf was .. well .. very very bimbo looking and not even hot. 5. Story line really sucked .. I don't really get the movie .. what's it about? All I get was that the bad guy uses funds from the "ultimate" terrorists to satisfy his urges for gambling in hopes to make money from it, finally loses it to Bond and he dies. Period. 6. There's no proper ending .. can someone tell me if Mr White is the "ultimate" bad guy or is there a Casino Royale Part 2?? Tiba-tiba only he come out ... 7. Oohh oohh .. i forgot .. the beginning of the movie was kinda funny, somewhat a remake of the Thai movie Ong-Bak if anyone remembered it! Hahaha ... Guess the caucasions/africans/whatever discovered the art of "flying"! 8. It's jez me that don't really like sleazy-horny-egoistic-Bond.

But ... I did like some things from the Bond movie .. 1. The Maserati (although my heart ached when Bond crashed it like nobody's business) 2. Ms Vesper Lynn .. not the average sexy Bond-girl .. but I loved her intelligent beauty and English accent! 3. Ms Vesper's purple dress in the movie .. i would very much want to wear that dress ... unfortunately I need her assets to carry it off that well! *arrrgghhhhhh*

After the *lame* movie .. i discovered something much *lamer* <-- does this word exists? Hell I'll jez create one then .. jez like "mood'less" .. i've been using that word for over 2 years now!

Oh gosh ... This is some kind of utter disgrace to Malaysian film industry .. obviously its gotta be a comedy, but .. Cicak Man ????????? What on earth are these people thinking??!! And Digi had to somewhat endorsed it as well! Marvel already have "stupid" names for their superheros .. Spider-Man .. Bat-Man .. Super-Man .. what's with the "MAN" .. hahahaha!!! I can't slam Marvel superheros here .. coz their movies were a success and worth looking forward to. But Cicak-Man i.e. Lizard-Man ?? We'll just wait for the preview .. can't wait to see how stupid his costume is! Hahahahha ....

** I can't wait for Transformers the movie !!! I grew up with them .. ok, i wasn't that all "ladylike" when i was younger ... but hell yeah, Transformers rock!! Battle of the Autobots and Decepticons are revived!!!!!! **

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