Monday, November 27, 2006

Wedding Bells

It's wedding season again! Always happens during year ends... coupled with Christmas, I'll be doubly poorer! Haha .. I'm at that "age period" where its time to settle down. Last time it's either our parent's friends getting married or our relatives ... a few years later, we're attending our cousin's (around the same age) weddings .. then now .. our friend's wedding. This year it was Haflin, then Nikki.. and just yesterday Cheng Keat got wedded. "Wo zhen de hen kai xin .. zhen de ... zhen de zhen de hen kai xin" Buahahaha ... oohhh .. we're all "really really really happy" for ya too!

Cheng Keat and his beloved Ivy .. and his "mistress" (moi) ! Happy family !!

Cheng Keat a.k.a. Charles (sorry babe .. i still can't accept that name!) We're like so fated to be close! First our houses are on the same street .. then we went to the same uni .. then we were in the same major .. same class .. group mate .. and now .. our offices are like 300 meters apart! Haha .. have known this f$#king friend for 6 years! Time flies man .. and now he's happily married to the sweet Ivy. Good catch ! They're love story is kinda drama laa ... he met her in an accident .. forgot who bumped into who's car laa. But ain't that lovely... hehe ..

I too got "wedded" on that weekend as well .. don't know how many times have I got "wedded" already .. haha .. Ooh ooh .. i've shoot a new bridal album as well .. all rosey retro. Don't have the pics yet .. but will upload them when I get them.. so far the album was satisfying .. kinda liked it. Wedding gowns and albums are all different now .. not the conventional plain white gown like in the past. I've worn so many gowns before .. but I'm yet to choose "my gown" in case I wanna settle down .. no one has a Vera Wang lookalike !! Hello people .. it's OK to copy .. haha .. it's Vera Wang ... it's gorgeous !! I hope my future hubby can get me a Vera Wang gown .... blarrrrrdy expensive ler ... *sigh* coupled with the US FOREX .. *double sigh* .. give that a *triple sigh*

Fa-hua-chi .. but kinda sweet rite. Hehe .. Retro-Rosey .. I look kinda different from my usual self eh, who doesn't when they're all made up. The power of make-up! Therefore, are no ugly people on this earth .. they jez need make-up !

Joke of the Week by mr ex-boss .. JP ..

What are the bumps on women's nipples for ?

It's brail for Suck Me Please !

The bunch of 30-something men and me laugh hysterically as we entered the lift of Marriot Singapore. I was fondling with the lift's buttons as there were bumps for the blind .. and JP exclaimed .. "Jamie .. what the hell are you doing?!" Buahhahhaa ... "Err .. nothing .. errr" !!

Must Watch Movie !! Happy Feet

No matter how old you are .. you have to catch this animated movie!! I did .. and no regrets. We chose Happy Feet over Casino Royale! Haha .. well, our first choice was Step Up but the timing was aaaallllllll wrong.. so no choice laa. Anyway, Mumble kinda resembled Schnappi .. so that was part of the reason why I picked that movie .. just 5 hours has passed, and I'm already missing that mutt! Kinda regretted when the tix were purchased .. somehow had the feeling that it was gonna be a waste of time and money. Well, the day didn't really start off well for me ... when i left the house i discovered that i had "fungus" ser-kor on my Harley Baby Pink Tee .. DAMN ! Anyways .. the cinema was filled with kids and we were like one of the tak-tau-malu grown-ups ! Haha ... anyways .. no regrets ... YO AMIGOS .. gotta watch it !!

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