Monday, November 20, 2006

Sawadee Sawadee Sawadee kaaaaaaaa~~~

I'm back .. to work ! Sienzz .... my fantasy has ended! haha ... Who can "NOT" love Bangkok ! Shopping paradise ler .. i wished i had more money and a bigger luggage bag .. and of coz .. more energy, leg muscles, and being able to take spicy food! Ok .. i'm like one of those aliens who goes to Thailand and not tasted Tomyam-Kung ! Sad case rite !!! But am not gonna go spoil the rest of my shopping trip jez to satisfy my ego of struggling to finish the whole bowl of tomyam-kung! Jez imagine .. the pei-pei-mien Tomyam flavour already can drive ppl nuts!

One of the best "tours" i've been on .. i call it "tour" coz there were about 30 of us flying off from Penang ! Litterally quarter of the passengers of the plane we from our group. And we have restless and over excited ppl who can't stay in their seats for that 1.5 hour flight. Never saw so many air stewards in my life before. ahaha .. all KPC ! I already started my photo taking on the plane .. and orbi-good !!! i left my camera on the plane. Luckily the photo-itch started again 5 minutes after i got off the plane and to my worst horror .. I couldn't find my camera. I ran back .. and went into a panic hissy-fit .. come on laa .. wat a way to start the hols man! Thank god the steward ran out with my cam and gave it back to me. Compliments to Air Asia .. although they are a low cost carrier .. but the staff are professional ok! Thanks so much !!!!
Taukeh Boey "Xiao Xin" .. thanks for the trip! This guy is damn cute.. look like Sin Chan laa ..

Alan How .. everybody must thank him for the coordination .. he booked all the tickets .. all 28 tix ! Try doing that .. and its not through travel agent lor !! can you imagine the frustration through booking online tix ??

My "collection" for this trip was better than the one in May.. haha .. everything jez looked sooo nice! Temptation to buy the whole place man! Me love Chatuchak !!! But my fellow friends didn't quite enjoyed it laa .. too hot laa, no choice laa .. bla bla bla .. jez not shoppers laa! Manfred and Kah Hoong keep wanting to balik hotel to tido. Kah Hoong somemore wanna find cards to play Rami .. walao eh .. come all d way here to sleep n Rami mer! Siao ting tong! MEN ! Oopss .. the other is not. From the 7 brady bunch, there left 2 .. me and Fion. From Pratunam .. to Chatuchak .. to Naraya! We were there for only 2 days laa .. could hv gone to more places. Who can forget to go to Naraya !!! I could spend the whole day there .. hahaha .. lovely lovely lovely!

I officially have a cam-whoring mate .. haha .. guess Wen Kang has the same passion as I do .. PATTERN LIAO LIAO !! the rest aa .. so-so lor .. all wanna jaga image smile all nice n preppy. occassionally there's the siao ting tong patterns as well.

The 7 "dwarfs" (we're actually kinda tall ler) Right - Left: Fion, Kelly, Kah Hoong, Wen Kang, Cillia, Manfred ..(that's 6.. i'm the 7th dwarf .. holding the camera)

Manfred trying to take ugly pics of me .. what the hell .. so much for jaga image.. haha .. FYI, that's meatballs in my mouth! yum yum .. nothing like Ikea's swedish meatballs though

Very natural and cadid pic of Cillia and Kelly .. nice job! (abeh then .. models ler)

cam-whoring on the MRT .. think everyone there think we siao! who cares ...

Manfred and his "slut" .. hahaha (kah hoong .. don't kill me!)

Went clubbing at RCA .. very very nice place oo .. music was good .. place looked good .. and place was huge. But damn packed laa .. like satay! Wonder when will JB have such place! Dream on! But our group very bangga lor .. so many leng lui .. suma model model punya lor!

Chee Kun's a very very very lucky man!

We came clubbing together ... first time going clubbing with soooooooooo many ppl! Happening!

Wen Kang ... my new found cam-whore mate .. pattern more than badminton

Trying to get Kah Hoong to be my cam-whoring mate as well .. still alot to learn laa!

Jerry's trying to be annoying .. he's always slutty anyways... hahaha! Btw, the bottle he's holding is soya bean milk .. and it tastes damn good!! A must try in Thailand. Sorry guys, I don't know the name of it coz I don't read Thai.. but you can get it in 7-Eleven

Trip was kinda short .. can say we were there for only 2 days. The flight back to Penang was at 7.00am .. so we had to get to the airport by 5.30am. Didn't sleep lor! Don't dare to sleep also. What can that 2 hour sleep do good for such a pig like moi ! I was damn steam lor .. like i was weeding. I saw a shooting star that "morning" .. but I didnt make any wish .. too shocked .. too excited .. too sleepy .. too tired .. too this n that to think about any wish to make. But ... at least I saw one before in my whole entire 24 years of my life laa!

  • KH : walao .. i didn't see .. when?
  • Jamie : jez now laa .. OH MY GOD ...
  • KH : go buy number laa .. wat number you wanna buy
  • Jamie : err .. err .. 1119 ?? November 19th maa ..
  • KH : too many 1's already .. sure won't kena de ..

I jez checked the papers .. low and behold .. number 1191 came in "Special" prize for Magnum 4D ... @##$%$#@#$%^%$#@!@#$% could have won something if I bought "MBox" !!!! DAMMIT LAAAA ~~~~~~~

Cillia was planning to get ciggies at the airport, and I was being annoying and keep asking her to buy weird ciggies. Was making fun at this pack of ciggies .. Panda brand ! (haha .. looks like the Panda brand we used in school last time rite!) The Cillia woke me up "check out the price laa .. think cheap aa". Took a look at it ... Walao eh .. 1,500 Baht for 100 sticks. Dats like RM30 for a box of 20 sticks! Calculation .. dats 4 times the price of the normal ciggies we have! Siao !!!
P/S# Apparently I found out that affluent ppl in China smoke this ciggies .. fuaa.. dun play play aa! But pls laa... change laa the image ..apa ini PANDA BRAND. buahahaha .. its like when ppl ask, "so what do you smoke" .. "panda brand"! buahahahaha ....

Ooohh .. i miss everyone sooooo much !! I wanna balik Penang sooonn .. hehe .. now I have so many friends there .. and a whole lot of fun bunch of them! hope to see you guys reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllll soon !!! Muaksssss~~~~

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Dun make fun of the panda....too bad they eating bamboo and not smoking...