Friday, November 17, 2006

+ A Whole Load of Sh!t +

These 1-2 weeks has been really busy for me till I haven’t got time to write. Work has been piling up so I can’t blog in the office .. DUHH !!! since when that’s “legal” ! haha .. My bro is hogging on to the internet at home, so there goes my chance to blog at home until I get a wireless modem. So sad case rite??!!! Apparently he has basically stopped doing sports like futsal and badminton and has this new craze “sport” of DOTA! Sheeesshhh .. gamers! So this entry will have full load of stuff. I’ll try not to crap too much if not it’ll look like someone’s thesis posted here! Buahahaha…

Nikki’s Wedding
A bit selfish of me rite .. haha .. as if Nikki had her wedding “alone”!! It’s Steven and Nikki’s wedding @ 27 October 2006. Nik is my childhood bestfriend since my primary days in SRKDU until I moved to JB .. but we kept in touch till “snail mail” .. yess .. LETTERS! Old-skool sia!! Haha .. there were a couple of us who were amazing writers .. Priscilla, Sook Wei, Nicholas (this man can realllllllyyyyy write .. his letters were always like 7-10 pages long! Well, we have to exclude the fact that his handwriting is huge) Nikki’s was the most creative/interesting one .. coz she took the trouble to decorate every letter nicely .. with pictures of Take That and her stationery set was always beautiful and fancy. Oohh .. back to the wedding. She went MIA after Form 3-4 .. and apparently through the amazing technology of the internet, and this amazing website some genius created called FRIENDSTER .. I was able to track her down with the help of Nicholas. She was in the UK for a couple of years dee and no surprise that she got herself an ang-moh boyfriend. FYI .. Steve’s a shoe designer for Lacoste (sorry Nik .. publicizing it again!) It’s so cool man .. imagine the amount for free shoe samples they can get! Damn! But am really happy for her .. that she’s finally settled down and the both of them looked amazing together !!! Wishing the both of you guys neverending bliss!

Nikki & Steve .. they look so sweet together! Nice catch Nik !

Childhood friends .. now all grown up and moving on to the next phase of our lives

Halloween Night @ Zouk, KL
Loved the ambience there ..every staff there were required to put some kind of scary/cool costume.. loved the Gothic Brides at the entrance.. and our fav was this guy who dressed in a tux of black and white. Not only his tux was smart .. he went putting up this aire of arrogance like some kind of victorian royalty ghost. Sorry ya .. pic kinda blur!

Macam MTV punya dancer .. errr .. from the BackstreetBoys "Everybody" MTV??? I don't know .. but he gave me that kind of impression!

Rave Party of the Year 2006 !
The most happening .. I really meant THE MOST HAPPENING RAVE PARTY EVER IN 2006 !!!! For any year for that matter !!! Revel4tion organized by Zouk and Salem held at A’Famosa Resort. Had 2 main arena’s as usual .. R&B and Trance. You can tell by the way I’m making this entry for this segment .. I really “LOVED” the event. F@#$%ing Hell !! Which rave party ends at 1am ??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even some bodoh pub down the street of Changlung closes at 3am !!! I shall not waste my time and your time reading about a failure rave party!

Sis Giselle & Moi

The Trance Arena .. music wasn't really that good .. jez "ying chou" (entertain) only laa

The R&B Arena .. damn boring man, everyone stand there n poing only. But saw this really good-looking guy with a hot-bod and danced really well!

Schni Schna Schnappi !
He’s about 6 months now. See how big he has grown! 3 times the size since I’ve gotten him. Fat ass! I’ve never seen a much greedier dog than him. It’s like when he sees food .. everything just blanks out of his mind except for food! And he’ll do just about anything .. I mean ANYTHING to get it. Haha .. he’s still so annoyingly adorable! And I love him so!!!!!!!!!!

At 3 months in August 2006

My god has he grown ..At 6 months in November

Schnappi has laser eyes .. when he was younger it was green .. wondered why it turned yellow now? changing colors every 3months?? Wondered when wll it evey be pink!

Passport Photo. Annoying rite this pic !!!Nowadays he always mengade-ngade act cute! Perasan case !!

Clubbing Princesses
It’s been a while since the 3 sistas went clubbing together. Finally we have a new “clubbing princesses” photo. Haha .. lame rite the name !!! Venue: Modestos on some Saturday night. Apparently JB has a “new” place to go party .. no one can exactly “party” on a Saturday night at Modestos coz it’s so damn packed. You’ll be lucky you get a comfortable space to stand without having icky-sweaty people rubbing their perspires on ya!

Sis-Gis , Sis-Esh & Sis-Jam <<>

Sis-Esh was born with the skill of self-hair cutting skills. Her specialty: Fringe-cutting! She had a bob-cut before .. the one that is in trend now .. everyone has it man! I call it Elle Salon “zhao pai” haircut! I first seen it in Elle Salon .. technically every female stylist in Elle has that kind of bob-cut. Sis-Esh got hers cut there.. I love the style, but I still very “bu-sher-de” cut my long hair. Haha.. I need the hair for modeling as well laa. Esh changed the style with full bangs in the front. Good fringe-cutting skills I’d say .. but now, look like helmet. Hahaha!!! (“eh leh .. like ur hair so nice like dat! School girl hairstyle!”

Sis-Esh's Helmet Hair

Bali Bali
Came back from my week long holiday in Bali ! Good ! It’s nice to see the culture everywhere.. overwhelmed with the carvings the have on every single building. Aiyaa .. everywhere in Bali looks the same laa! Loads of cheap finds for handicrafts .. wood stuff, rattan stuff, and loads of batik. Loads of surfwear as well .. they have brands like Roxy, Rip Curl, Surf Girl, yada yada yada in every corner of bali.. pricing wise .. still same in Malaysia laa .. not cheap at all. Darn!!
The beach .. good! Waves are strong in Bali, so its enjoying for sua-ku Malaysians like me .. who come from cities with really sad beaches. Stong waves = loads of surfers = load of hot bods to look at! Haha .. farny ler .. all the surfers there have really good-tanned-built-body! All of them have 6-8 pegs! Does surfing require that much amount of abs strength that builds on the pegs?? Like that I also wanna learn surfing oooo~~~~ John and I are deliberating if the local surfers are more than surf-teachers. You hardly see any obvious prostitutes like in Thailand. Instead, we noticed that a lot of women-foreigners have a “personal-surf-teacher” who looks good, has a good tan, has a good bod, and a nice ass.
My ratings: Nice beach. Nice place to relax .. not shop! People always mistaken that .. just because it’s cheap doesn’t make it a good place to shop .. coz there aren’t any variety. Every single store sells the same thing!!!

Desperate case .. coz no one can take a good photo for me

Sunset at Jimbaran Beach

Dearly departed from the Bali bombings in 2002

Finishing touch to my Bali hols .. a severe sore throat infection, fever, and suffering for 8 hours in the LCT terminal. For those of you whom ever thought of spending the night there .. DON'T ever do it .. its straneous suffering!

+ The End +

Thanks for being so patient with me .. though I am confident to say that there are 75% of the readers who have basically skipped most of the entry and look at photos instead. Buahahhahaha !!

Sekian, Terima Kasih

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