Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Blues

OKOK .. thursday is supposed to be exciting coz we're a day closer to the weekends. But i'm in agony today.. WHY ??????? m kinda in a confused situation right now. haha ..
  1. It's the monsoon season and it has been POURING (not raining .. this is really heavy!) which disrupts my working mood .. making me sleepy, cold, etc etc etc ..
  2. I have severe bloody mary cramps (period laaaa) in the office somemore! walao eh .. from all places to get it, can't even rest properly
  3. Excited about my Bali trip on Monday ! yeepieeeeee !
  4. Excited about my Bangkok trip the following weekend ! Double yeepieeeeee !
  5. Damn I have to clear my boss's table .. he is one hell of a messy man! But i can't complaint .. his time is much too valuable and expensive to be cleaning up / keeping his desk clean. Btw, he's the CEO .. a great boss .. very inspiring to me .. and i respect him alot coz he ain't nothing the same as those typical bummers CEO who only knows how to womanize, play golf, and lepak !

Basically the entire day of work today is wasted.. the first half was crap due to the cramps, i jez couldnt get anything done. You think i want de merrr????????? It's the sucky part that all of the female species have to go through every month! I don't understand why we have to go through such suffering. Just 1 freaking "cause" .. and a whole massive load of "effectsssssssss" (multiple "s" to magnify the effect) First we start of with the pre-menses problem .. PMS! First, we get pissed easily, and being pissed is not a very nice mood to be in. Then we subconsciously piss other people out as well .. which they normally backfire and then we'll be doubly-pissed! Secondly, we have to suffer from the pain .. the cramps .. the whatever agony you wanna call it. Third, its disgusting to have blood flowing out of you without any injuries .. make you feel like you have some kind of severe internal illness. Fourth, have to waste money to buy "innovatively designed" gauses to soak up your excess, but I do thank whoever genius that was who created them, if not we have to put up with the napkins like ancient times. Fifth, have to be cautious about every damn move you make in case your pad bocor. Sixth, can't do exercises (on the first day of course) .. so pain how to do, it's Thursday and I have to miss my yoga classes again! Seventh, no sex ! buahahahhaha .... just imagine if you have some urges we can't do it! wat .. put plastic cover on the bed aa ? hahahahaha .. think the guy wanna have his kkb covered dipped into strawberry fondue?? buahahahahhaha .... And after everything we went through, we still have to suffer for another 9 months straight with pregnancy. This I haven't been through yet .. will let you guys know wats the agony like.. but the basics will be there i.e. nauseous, being fat, birth pain is HELLLLLLLLL, post birth dieting to get back you body shape, your whole body is jez out of form after birth ... just accept it.. you may be thin, but you ain't gonna get that tight bikini body ever! well, unless you're so god damn rich to get surgery !!! So unfair right ???? why can't the male species be the one who goes through the mensturation cycle and we women stick to birth. Fair right ????? Don't misundestand me .. I love babies .. but the whole pregnancy and child birth labour is tooooo intimidating right now!

TRIPS: Coming Monday ! woo hoo ... Bali Bali Bali ... here I comeeeee !!!! I'll be going off for the entire week .. for holiday of course. Work trips are scheduled next month. Teehehehehehe ... The following Thursday I'll be following my organizers to Bangkok! Exotic Thailand ... but funny hor, why is called Bangkok .. kinda crude ler the name. ahaha.. i remembered once Howe Szuan told me that he went to Phuket and there's loads of pubs, striptease parlors, etc .. and one had a cheezy name called "Bang-cock" buahahahhaha ..... I died laughing ler! From then on .. everytime someone says Bangkok, that's what I remember!! The former name was Siam right? My history abit poor .. but I can't be wrong about this right? please correct me if I do. But Siam isn't a very good name for a country/capital city as well .. in Hokkien siam means make way. So ... it's like siam-lah for a country ... bad bad bad fengshui !!

super boh liao now .. mood'less' at work ! been surfing the net for the whole day and reading all my mails. this gal by the name of Fiona Foo .. really sweet girl, sends me tons of forwarded mails. Thanks gal .. keep me occupied when I'm dead bored. In turn, I forward them to my other friends as well. oohh ohh ... i'm so lame today ... i surfed for Joo Ji Hoon! pengzzzzzz .... okok .. i'm lame. Already "yi ta ba nian ji" still overthere surf for korean actors! Supposed to be the job of teenagers ler! But hor .. he really very good-looking ler! I don't really like small/chinky eye guys, but dunno why i'm so mezmerized by him. haha .. watch too much korean drama liao. Btw, Joo Ji Hoon is Prince Shin from the K-drama Princess Hours/Goong.

I figured out my craze for Joo Ji Hoon (name sounds like mee-hoon ler) is that he's damn tall ... drools .. DAMN tall .. at 187cm fuaa .. macam giant! and that he has like once of the most nose ever! i don't care whether his is cosmetic constructed, at least the results are fab! I want to get mine done as well .. but am too pussy to do it.. anyway, haven't save enough money also! think cheap merrrr ... at least 10k laa! But i have a "fat-choy" nose ler.. ok, accept the fact, who cares whether is "fat-choy" or not .. bottom line is .. it's huge! Buahahaha !!! My initial craze for a korean actor is Kwon Sang Woo when i watched Stairway to Heaven. Waaa .. he has really really really nice lips! Very leng zhai as well. Am pia'ing Sad Love Story .. which stars Kwon Sang Woo nevertheless. droolsss .................................... apparently he has a better bod than JJH .. come on laa, JJH is still a boy laa .. ahhaha ... (he's the same age as I am lerr.. does dat make a ger-ger?! wake up laa old auntie! ahahahah)

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