Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Power Rangers

Adidas came out with this cool range of sport watches with 6 colors to choose from. Its not exactly very new .. guess its been out for quite some time dee .. coz when we bought it, there was a 30% discount tag on it. Who cares .. it's cheap!! Very plastic and pasar malam look... but its so cool laa. Sis-Gis was the first one in the gang to get the watch .. her's is Green, and the the second person was Yu-Ting with the Red one presented to her by Gis on her bday. Last Sunday, the 4 of us got the remaining colors .. I got Red and Blue, Ayam got the Black one, Yu Ting bought another for herself .. the Yellow one, and LiWen got the Orange one. Complete set sialll ..... we took a group pic ..
Macam Power Rangers! Haha ... we all being so retarted started paging each other through the watch .. "red red over over ... yes, green here over over". I meant retarted coz we're all bunch of 20+ year olds ... correction, youngest one is 23 and oldest is 25. We're like mid-20s and this is the nonsense we still do! buahahhahaha ..... I got my bf who's 27 to join in the gang as well, "blue blue over over" .. that's like even more retarted right! hahahaha...

The Deeparaya hols are really long man ! 5 fucking days! Sounds like heaven .. but am already feeling so "wu-liao" .. been spending it with Gis and Ayam everyday. We've been tp Jusco 3 days in a row .. and today we're going to go for the 4th time! Hahaha .. JB really dat boring u know! That's like the most convenient place since we're all from the same area, except for Gis who's the alien staying in Perling! It's no diff for Sis-Esh as well coz she's already a "Singaporean"!

The 3 retards .. Me, Gis and Ayam with his Screw-Hair

Sis-Giselle and me at Kenny Rogers after my Spore Bridal Show

With Priscilla Chan (TCS Star) and Geline for the Spore Bridal Show - Jazreel Low Collections. Was a great experience doing show in Spore.. everything went well, after all the bridal catwalk training here in JB (what to do .. JB only hv bridal show lerrrrrr). Met other TCS Stars as well, Yao Dong and Sean and Zenn (all damn lengzhai man!! Drools). Felt kinda weird lepak'ing with them coz we only see these ppl on TV !! OK .. i sua-ku .. can or not?? Satisfied???

waaaa .... still hv another 2 wu-liao days to pass !!! Really don't know what to do and where to go dee. Bet everyone will be in holiday mood when they go back to work on Thursday as well. Me lagi laa .. Friday going up KL for Nikki's wedding. So happy and excited for her .. she was my bestest of the bestest friend when I was in KL, she came back for de wedding and off she goes back to London/Ireland/UK (aren't they all the same) with her ang-moh Steven. So happy for herrrr ... she asked me to join them for clubbing at Zouk with her Londen'ers friends .. How come everytime you come around my London London bridge want to go down like Londie Londie Londie... haha .. Gis is still in a dillema whether to join the rest for the Rave Party in Malacca or follow me up KL to lepak with her David and gang. whatever..... soooo looking forward .. 2006 year end feels like "everyday is a holiday" .. yahooooo~~~~~~

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