Monday, October 23, 2006

Miss Malaysia Earth 2006

Was judging for the preview shows in Chill-Out

I'm finally retired! I handed my crown to my successor on 30th September 2006 to proudly represent our country in the world finals. It's not like its a relief or anything .. actually kinda sad man .. eh, how also I was the queen for the year ok! Kinda missed the priviledge during the pageant. Man it was a great experience! It's my first pageant.. well, although I did win the Miss MMU 2004 pageant back in my uni days (its not an official pageant laa).
Check out how green I am in these pageants. haha .. It was like the beginning stage of my so-called modelling career. I kinda thought twice before I posted this picture .. haha .. so ugly, what a stupid dorky grin I have there on my face! Kinda obvious that the other two winners are soooo much prettier than I am, sure kena from ppl protesting why I won! haha .. Well, I had this A-Line gown, while the others had puffy gowns with can-cans, without experience, they kinda had difficulty walking .. but can-can gowns are the best! no need to pose the leg properly! Stand kang-kang also nobody know! Buahhahahaha ....
Back to the Miss Malaysia Earth 2006 (MME2006). By the way, the Miss Earth pageant is the 3rd largest pageant after Miss World and Miss Universe. Last year we had like 80 countried participating. But Miss Malaysia Earth isn't really famous here .. it's very new, coz the first national pageant was last year. I went back to Penang for the crowning of the national finals. Man, the priviledge I get, sure the gals damn envy de! But most of them are already seasoned pageant gals laa .. no problem for them. Last year, everything is so new to me, my catwalk also cannot make it de! Serious !! Haha .. guess I won coz I spoke and carried myself well ba~~~ (tak tahu malu! haha) But I'm proud of my achievements lor .. first time enter pageant then win liao ... my achievements (bangga siutt !! kembang and flying liao!):
  • ME2005 Johor State Level : Winner with Miss Photogenic subsidiary title
  • MME2005 National Level : Winner with Miss Crowning Glory and Miss Charming subsidiary title
  • MME2005 World Finals : Managed to get a sponsored title .. Miss Lactovital. Eh, better than nothing OK ! At least I had "won" something there .. haha

I had so much fun in Penang, the crew were a bunch of amazingly fun people. First up, dear Priscillia .. she's one attractive lady, there's jez something about her. Her looks damn ganas, like no nonsense person. But we did clicked very well and turned out to be a bunch of nonsense gal!

Then there is Kah Hoong, my personal chaperon, bodyguard, entertainer, etc etc. Guess his job was to attend to my daily needs .. more like a butler! Good looking chap, a charmer, lady-killer ba.. hahaha .. a swimmer from a very young age = great bod! That's my guessing from the outlook laa .. whoever got to see the inside please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong k. Girls .. start drooling .. hahahaha ... of course, there are many other very goodlooking boys i.e. Thomas, Jason, Jerry .. errr .. that's all I remember ba ..

There's much to comment on this guy .. but I'm afraid he'll kill me if I do !!

Manfred sweetie ... he's such a sweet guy! Very funny, sensitive, cute.. comelnyerrrrrrrr .. i tell you, if you listened to his OHAYO~~ sure die laughing .. i laughed till I cried in Green House when they played it like 3-4 times!! haha ...

There's loads to write abt sweet mandy as well .. but he too will kill me as well! haha ..

And lastly there was Wen Kang. This guy is a very very very very talented tarot card reader! Damn accurate! I had mine read .. I'm impressed. He was the MC for the night, heard that he used to be a DJ at MY.FM. Now he's into events ... and currently working on a book.

I hope to see him real soon! Lots to ask from his Tarot readings !!!

Oohh ... i forgot all about the winner. So self-centered of me. ahhaha ... Like so unwilling to give up the title man! Hahaha .... Presenting to you .. Ms Alice Loh as Miss Malaysia Earth 2006.

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