Friday, October 20, 2006

Enter de Dragon

One thing that I love about my job is that I get to travel .. overseas somemore!! Envy me .. faster!! huahahahhaha ... Kembang Kembang .. like hot air balloon now. Believe it or not .. I haven't been to the branches in Malaysia before. Last month I got to go to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Have been to Hong Kong before .. so nothing fascinating about it.

Walk in the Clouds .. simply beautiful! Whoever came out with the brilliant idea of Care Bears .. must have gotten the inspirating in the sky ! 5-4-3-2-1-care bears !!!

It's so blardy expensive in Hong Kong man .. meals also damn expensive. Going to char-chan-tengs and having your macaroni-soup which is equivalent to the maggi-soup here .. costs me like RM20! siao ting tong !! Living expenses there is so high !! On the first night, I made my way to the ever so famous "Ladies Market" in Mongkok .. and kena hack for a pair of shoes. This famous area for so-called cheap shopping is too commercialized! Cheap my ass .. all wanting to take advantage of tourists! I went to this stall that sells shoes and fell in love with a pair of pumps, but before that, there's these few Japanese tourists buying shoes there as well, victims laa .. sure kena like hell! But what is that price compared to that they are getting in Japan .. to them is .. "ohayo~kana-cheap de nerrrr" (ok, my jap sucks!) And it was my turn in line to kena hack again. buahaha... Open price is HK$180 for the pair. SIAO ! finally after so much bargaining and of coz not being able to convince them that i'm local coz my Cantonese was sooooooooo bad, I paid HK$100 for the pair. Walao .. I could get the same pair back in Msia for the same price man. I didn't fly all da way there to buy something which I can get in Msia. And the worse thing is .. the lady can tell me "We're all chinese, dun wanna overcharge you, somemore you speak Cantonese" WTF !!!! $%%%$%#^%&$^

Love the gold floral details and the small wedge heels. Additional 1-inch to my height!

After my "unsatisfactory" shopping experience in Ladies Market .. I decided to go to the Esprit whole sale outlet at the end of Tsim Tsa Tsui. I've been there a couple of years back and literally bought every souvenir there. Its sooooo much cheaper compared to the outlets in Spore and Msia. So I made my way there .. on foot ! I didnt realize that it was that far, I jez had this idea that it's only a street .. and jesus .. it was so damn far. Mongkok-Jordan-Tsim Tsa Tsui .. and the shop was at de END ! I never walked so much in my life (excluding the times where I'm overseas and have to walk .. boh pian .. no car!) Finally I've arrived at the destination ... and low and behold .. the Esprit shop ... is .....NO LONGER THERE !! WTF ....%##^&^%$#%^&%$ one word to describe .. ZHAR-DAO !! (eh, that's 2 words le) Awaiting me there was dear Jacky Chan's humongous face plastered on the whole building. Apparently it has been converted to California Fitness. Its super zhar-dao, teh-tiok, potong, watever u wanna call it. But no choice..i had to make my way back to the hotel. Super Anti-Climax man .. thought i could borong Esprit back to Msia .. but ......&^&%%$%#%^&*(*&^%$#$%^& !!!!!!!!!!!! I jez stood there looking at Jacky Chan's face .. and he was like sniggering back at me, laughing at my stupidity and ignorance on the development in Hong Kong! walao ehhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~

I didn't quite have a pleasureable experience in Hong Kong. Did no shopping, everything's expensive, and people there dont know how to take photos properly. I was alone laa .. so I wanted to take photos of me at the scenery at the Hong Kong pier .. but the pics all turn out cacat. dammit .. ^%$%#& I asked around for directions to Hard Rock Cafe, but these ppl seemed to not know at all. How can they don't know .. my god !!! Its not like its so far or something .. its jez around the corner. Sigh ~~~ sad case siutttt !!! Only 2 things are able to salvage some satisfaction ...

1. The beautiful night scenery of Hong Kong .. cool breeze blowing in my hair, never thought that i was that sentimental. ahahha ... I actually spent 2 hours+ at this habour!

2. Beef Fantastic @ McDonalds. Singapore has it .. I jakon can or not .. Malaysia still dun wanna launch this item.. i dont know why also .. but at least I can bangga to my fellow Msian frens ... I had Fantastic ! ahahhaha ...

Guangzhou is heaven for shopping! Bought loads of shoes, accessories bags, and cardigans.. winter season coming ma. I didnt really fancy the fashion there .. jez not my style .. those taiwanese-japanese-kawaii-yo-yo-style. Must go back there to shop in the future !!!!

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