Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eve of Eve of Xmas

Major slowmo. So slow my brain stops working and heart beats lesser by the second.
Die standing. My mom used to love to use that word. Now it's something else.

My work desk is now infested by pesky pests. Tiny ants. Appearing very randomly, hence not being able to find the source. Because of this I've developed some kind of OCD of removing them. Poor them lil creatures are stuck to the cellulose tape before heading to the bin.

Seriously, I find ants utterly annoying. I'm my household ant exterminator. I hunt them down to the gardens and getting into the pots, soil and dirt and if it even means breaking a nail or two. Armed with my faithful Shieldtox spray .. you ants better be afraid .. be very afraid. But getting smarter by the day.

*gave up uploading picture of ants on cellulose tape .. my windows picture manager got major virus. It likes to wipe out the pictures to just plain blank/white after any editing. So you can't do anything about it later but to reupload it from your device and start all over.*

Anyways ... just to be sure ... better late than never ...

y'all fellow earthlings !


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