Monday, November 30, 2009

Jai Ho ~

The Bollywood wedding was a success.

Not only was the entrance dance a success, so was the flash mob. I was getting all worried that everyone would back out that night, but the crowd was amazing. Till today, whenever the song plays ... I Got A Feeling ... I'm sure those that take part would wanna boogie jai-ho style.

It's my first time participating in an Indian wedding, and I guess it's gonna be the one and only time ever. Such an experience with so much to dance about.

Scha's saree was rich in beads and jewels. She was like an Indian queen.

Even the prayers and procession was interesting with trumpets and tabla.

Even the stage was so colorful. Colors make me very happy :D

Thanks Scha .. for the lovely sarees.

You have no idea how happy that makes us. And we're hoping for another time where we can put it on again.

Such a pity we don't have a picture of the four of us decked out in sarees. I hope the photographer managed to snap on during our Single Ladies dance during the speech.

My ShahRukhHan from China.

To my dearest Sacha and Sasee-BearBear ..
I wish the both of you neverending happiness, bliss, laughs, and ever after.
The both of you look so good together .. and ur love for each other never fails to touch and inspire me. I love you both.

* * *

Less than a week after .. another wedding.

Finally after 7+ years .. Jasmine's big day has arrived. I really salute those people who can date for like a decade before tying the knot. I don't think I'd ever be able to do that.

The earliest and most ridiculous time to get up to get ready for the door bashing. 3.30am.
It's like we get up when people just finished partying.
But it wasn't all that bad after all. The worst part was forcing myself to fall asleep at 1am. And the easiest was being concussed after the whole morning session, getting a full on 4 hour rest before the dinner.

Jasmine was stylishly gorgeous that night. Her extreme low back gown was a stunner.
Adding to the contrast, we decked out in black. Me and Geline paired up to wear an off-shoulder dress, going with 2 different styles - the subtle romantic and the rocker chic. Personality wise, we should have swapped our looks.

You can spot the outcasts from our black ensemble entourage :D

But nothing beats a wedding where we have one of the chio-est sister-entourage for the yamseng session. But lousy drinkers having to cheers only with juices and such. -__-!

Congrats to you too babes ...

I can't wait for you to hit Paris ! :D