Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's amazing how time flies. Somehow am dreading it. At 5pm on a Sunday, the Monday blues have already kicked in. The weather, neither sunny nor cloudy, makes it even more lazy on an already lazy Sunday afternoon. I watched Twilight again for the N'th time and am still so blown away by Edward's character. He's fascinatingly beautiful. The printed Twilight saga has yet to be unfold, still sitting in the box set in my bedside drawer. Am halfway through of Dan Brown's Angel's and Demons. Still struggling to find ample time to balance out all the leisure entertainmnet I have got stacked in my room. Californiacation Season II has been added to the list.

I finally picked out a gown for next month's lavish wedding over in Jakarta. Since I've worked with the company for several times, they're more than happy to help me out. It's not the IT gown .. though I could do the diva gold number, but it's gonna be overwhelming. There were other choices, but I chose something that I could maneuver easily in it. The orange gown with lime green netting/lace was pretty .. but I felt clumsy in it. If only I was 2 inches taller, it would be perfect. I picked the fucshia and lime chiffon gown. The flow's pretty and I could jez glide though and waltz in it.

With Friday's bombings, our comfy stay over at the Ritz is dashed. I'm more worried for our safety since it's just a couple of weeks away. The world is so unpredictable these days.

* * *

Counting down to the mark of our 2nd year of happiness. My big project has yet to be finished and am already drained for ideas. 8 more to go. Plus miscellaneous. It's gonna be wonderful. I hope it lives up to its expectations. Every sweat and effort spent on it brings an extra smile to my face. Just thinking about how happy he will be makes the whole process very much self satisfying.

* * *
Bunch of movies to catch over the next couple of weeks. I hope Harry Potter is not maxed out like Transformers on a weekday. Somehow I always get really irritated with the people over at the cinemas. The movie goers, not the ticketing officers.

The ticketing process is simple. Before you even queue up, you already decide on the movie you wanna watch. Then get the tickets. The preference of seats is always the same for people. Some may be indifferent, which is better, or some would either want to be on the isle or the center. You pick whichever is available as shown on the screen .. colored and illustrated at the very basic for simple understanding. Or to make things easier, just reserve your tickets prior to the screening and just collect it.

Have you ever wondered why the queue for the tickets are always so effing long? People just hog on to the counter and taking their own sweet time to purchase their tickets. Some will even call their friends to discuss. Some will even ask the dumbest questions like "I really can't have this seat?" when the ticketing officer already told them the allotted colored seats are UNAVAILABLE. It gets even worse when a couple is hogging the counter. I seriously have no idea why ... coz this always ticks me off when I normally take no longer than 3 minutes till my ticket is purchased.

Because of all of that .. and more .. I have confined my cinema goers to weekdays.

With the benefits of cheaper tickets, I feel such a scrooge and am so unwilling to pay 11 bucks to watch a movie on the so-called peak days.

* * *
Rob Pattinson fever II .. indulging to his pretty face for the second time round.
This time much younger. Cedrig Diggory's on right now :)

I know .. am such a perv! =D

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