Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Obligation To Blog

Major hiatus.

The major lag in my internet connection at the office isn't helping either. It's so effing inconsistent that I can't even update my AV for the whole day. It keeps getting disconnected and back to square one again. Parasiting on the neighbours line isn't helping either coz I'd thank my lucky stars even if I could get connected to MSN.

They say a blog is a continuation of narration. A series of events is followed by another series of events. Mine just ends abruptly these days.

FB'ing is a disease .. for me. Not kaypoh'ing and stalking people's photo albums and wall posts, but more of FB gaming. I know, it's lame. You know you're really addicted when you actually resorted to opening another account just to anonymously add people from around the globe just to build up your army to battle it out. And when that's not enough, in need of desperation, you even add people to your personal account, and then deleting them off after you have recruited them. You get frustrated and get impatient when these people refuse to accept your recruitment, or when the internet connection is so slow, or the page is full of errors coz it's bombared with players, etc. You beg and you stalk strangers that could help you out in your quests. You only have FB game discussions with your friends.

The internet is failing on me again. -__-"'

* * *

Back in November/December 2008, I was worried about my decreasing body weight. I was shrinking despite the glutton that I am. Determined to look more decent, I went to the doc to get some vitamins, took deworming medicine, reduced cardio workout and stuffed myself silly. By end of February 2009, I finally gained back my ideal weight. But till July 2009 to date, I have been gradually putting on pounds by the day .. and it's not funny. Since my weight dysfunction last year, I have gained 5 kgs. We joked that the tyre around my waist works as a swimming float, or that I'm so bloated that I alleviate/float up into the air each time i fart. =D

Let's see if one week of cardio torture and eating moderation works.

Time to stretch.

And as usual, I am late for class !

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