Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Am Happy because ....

... because I will be setting up my Christmas tree real soon.
(Insider joke with SisEsh. Totally unrelated at all)

* * *

Yay! My champagne gold 870IS clickadee is here!

It would be the last thing on a mind of an anti-phototaking man to get his girl a camera. But you know what love does to people. It disorientates them. Very much. :D

Just pray that this site won't be a photo-blog in the future. But there's gonna be so many pics that it annoys the hell out everyone. I know people like Howe doesn't mind. Men are visual creatures. And they like to summarize and generalize everything into 2 categories if possible.

Lovin' the functions, clarity and sharpness of the pics. Even video mode is like wo~
I've stucked to the old Lumix for far too long to realize what is the norm these days.

Thanks baby!!

* * *

My vain'ness gotten better of me ...

I've gotten new contacts.

The virgin eyes have been exposed.

Wondering if the gray tinted lenses would make less chee-na.
Next thing before you know it I'll prolly morph into one of those plastic/doll looking bloggers with loads of make up, triple layer lashes, etc. *gasp!*

Please pray for me people. Me no wanna go there. It's only for the young hearted.

Speaking of which, another year has passed and we conclude the Sista birthday ritual with SisGis's at Nyjiumaru. Reasonable, affordable and yummy. And since it was her treat, we'd try to rip her off by ordering everything we can on the menu. Mission failed. Hahaha~

The guy in the green shirt is the unlucky lucky guy who's gonna marry my SisGis. We all fear are happy and looking forward to what's gonna come. :)
Funny how in this pic SisEsh looks like the girlfriend instead of SisGis. Hahahhaha~

Kidding laa ...

Something's terribly wrong coz I feel like an arse today. So forgive me for being an arse. I do not mean anything bad personally.

* * *

More weddings ...

Collen's ...
(gosh .. I look terribly bloated and pregnant here!)
with after party at Walkers. It's been a while since we went out together. It's been a while since we all got a little crazy. And because of that .. I shall refrain myself from patronizing the place for the next 2 months. Yaa ~ thanks to you Scha ! But I still love you ~

Hostesses were in uniforms that night. But we jez wanna steal the limelight from them.
Coz we carry off the costume much better ..
* * *

Till then ... get your trees decorated soon ....

Tiss the season to be jolly ... fa la la la la .. la la la la ...

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