Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ipoh Mali

With a blink of an eye .. I've been with this company for almost 4 years. And it's my first job. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever need to update my resume, obviously it won't be an attractive one having only one job experience. I have grown to love the people here just like a family.

4th Annual Conference destination ... Ipoh.

It was originally much more exciting with plans to Taman Negara, but due to whatever financial reasons or "whatever" reasons, we just have to make do with Ipoh. Abit anti-climaxing laa when the plans were changed, but it turned out to be not as bad as it seems. Great job by the committee. Heng no need to do all those tedious job this year .. kekeke! At least the new batch of people prooved themselves worthy to be one of the "fei-ka" gang whose members have previously left us.

For a change of environment for the conference, we went au-natural.
Too natural ! In a cave ... FYI, it's real.

Some "leisure activity" during our tea-break.
Tiger feeding session. I salute the "feeder" or emcee for being able to repeat his script word-by-word in every feeding session.

Our fellow lengzhai's and lenglui's from KL ..

My family in JB. Exceptional for the guy in red at the far right. He's from KL .. but insisted to be in this JB Group picture coz his hometown is in Muar. I should be in theirs and Penang's as well since I have an identity crisis of where my origins are.

I had no idea how "ulu" Ipoh is. Come on, it's like one of the major cities in Malaysia, so I expected it to be better than JB .. but ...... *no comments* Sorry if I offended anyone from Ipoh, but I guess you guys left the city to better off elsewhere. Oh come on, just admit it. Everybody left Ipoh so there isn't much need to develop it into this canggih city. Save the money. No wonder people there are rich !

Like it or not, you can't leave Ipoh without having the infamous ..

Nga-choi (beansprout a.k.a. tauge) ... and ...

Pak-Zham-Kai (white/hainanese chicken)

Another offending statement: What so special about it ??? Am just really really curious! We have better chicken in JB.

Whoaaa .. suddenly promote JB lebih lebih, padahal I condemn this place in almost every single blog entry ... hahahha ... must buy 4-D!

Some interesting finds in this biscuit shop with a 1.5 foot wide isle.

You cannot find any other visiting gift more "ideal" than this ..Beloved / Kekasih Biscuits ...I recommend that my sales staff buy these .. to "cool" off in the incredible heat when they're out in the field. Old-skool sia ! Can imagine how sua-ku I am .. I've been living in the city for far too long! In the future, my kids will have history lessons on what items are extinct, or perhaps some genius will come up with a picture book on these extinct items. At least they know it existed once.

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---Olivia. JR--- said...

Indeed JB is better,
good to see blog from JB 'kaki'..