Monday, December 03, 2007

Females Gorgeous People 2007

Female Mag announced it's Most Gorgeous People for 2007 @ Zouk ..

Most Gorgeous Female: Suchitra .. Bursting with energy and megawatt smile.

Most Gorgeous Male: Peter .. It's so obvious coz everyone's drooling over Peter!
Just check Peter out ....

The event was a success .. people were queing in since 6+pm .. and by 8pm .. the line was as crazy as those people queing up at J.Co Donuts. Semangat sehh. If there was an event in JB .. everyone would only START queing up after an hour or so of the stated time.

The party kicked off closed to 9 .. where BigOne provisioned his time oh so accurately and arrived 5 minutes before I hit the stage. Nicholas, Haflin, Tasha and Nina (i think) came to give me their support .. despite having made plans to go catch Whitney Houston in concert. Which .... Whitney only started close to midnight .. so they had plenty of time. Everyone was at Whitney! Some of the Gorgeous people even missed the event to go watch Whitney.

After much persuasion .. Nic and Haflin failed to drag me and BigOne to Whitney. He just ain't such a Whitney fan ... give him 50 cent and he'll dash out immediately. And they had free tix ... not your normal tix .. VIP tix worth like RM800 ok ! Grrr ~~~ But I wasn't game for Whitney too that night. Prolly too tired ... way way way too tired. But got rejuvenated after heading to Velvet. BigOne headed there first coz the event was too boring for him .. and I joined him later after the event was done.

And the bouncers refused to let me in ...

Bouncer: Let me see your chop ..
Moi: Here ...
Bouncer: This is not Velvet's chop
Moi: Can't you let me in? I jez came from the Zouk event (and it was obvious that I was one of Them)
Bouncer: You have friends in there?
Moi: Yea .. friends .. and boyfriend ..
Bouncer: (bitching to his other bouncer) Boyfriend cannot laa .. friend maybe can laa ..
Moi: -.-

What an ass .... and I was all dolled up ... and lugging the huge and fuggin' heavy bag full of goodies and prizes over my shoulder. They wouldn't even sympathize me. Fug. BigOne had to come get me without much effort or any persuasion done.

No wonder Nic was so pissed with Zouk and Velvet. If it wasn't for me, he would rather turn gay than head there. I had to literally beg him to come. Love you guys!

Ravin also made it to the finalists. MMU produces stars ... brings out the star in us ... we are all made of stars ... la la la la ... At least there was a familiar face that I could hang out with whilst waiting. I kept looking out for Hisham, Nic's friend, but had no idea who he was .. until being officially introduced by Nic himself.


The cute Pakistani/Sri Lankan (sorry if I got this wrong .. I have a terrible short term memory which is yet to cure ... accute blurness!)

Hisham .. one of Nic's bffs

The energetic hyped bunny. Thanks for making sure that I'm always in line. This photo did not do him justice .. if you know what I mean.

My Beloved BFFs !!!

Nic and the ever gorgeous Haflin. All of my boys are drooling and dying to see her.

Thanks soooo much for all of you people out there who have voted for me and cramping their brains to squeeze out something to write about me.

Jamie's gorgeous because ...........................

It's no easy task. I know .. coz every single thought about me that comes to their mind is not very decent. I have the tendency not to portray an image of a very feminin-dream-girl-attributes. I talk way too loud. I swear vulgarly that BigOne had to resort to snapping my lips to prevent me from repeating that awful behaviour. And just to let you know, Fug (to put the word "fuck" politely) is not a vulgar word in this century anymore. I am disgusting. I make lame jokes. I this .. that .. anything you can think of. Looks can be deceiving. But at least I am brave enough to admit that I'm just normal like everyone else. No one is proper. It's just a facade which fades away ... in a matter of time.

Sorry to dissapoint you guys/gals .. I did not win .. nor did I made it to Top 10. Better still .. I won Most Photogenic Female .. yay .. without having to "perform" all night on stage. Sipping to frozen Baileys and Vodkas .. and stuffing myself with hotdogs. I was just too tired for all that hype. Age is catching up with me. It saddens me to see that I have lost all that hyperactive energy like the other teens. I even felt kinda weird having to chat up with all these cute boys whom are only 20. Damn.

That explains why I only have pics with boys ... and no babes pics. I'm not a whore nor a men-deprived woman. They we're just toooo friendly (which I'm greatful for) and so happened to always seating beside me. I just wasn't in the mood to cam whore with everyone. I have no beef whatsoever with the girls there. Laura the french-chick was lovely and funny. Lara and Ellesse had it all going on.

The other winners ...

Gavin won Reader's Favourite Male. Owen here made it to Top 10, won Burberry's Brit Male (or something like that) .. he was kinda popular, to the extent I thought he might have won. He was more of my kind of guy .. not the young pretty boys .. but there was something very charming about him. Matured kind of charm. Fine .. I'm old. I have different tastes in men now.

Either one of these won Reader's Favourite Female. Both are gorgeous as well.

* * * * * *

The Mystery Man

He didn't want to be publicly displayed. And I agreed to his wishes.

To me .. he's incredibly gorgeous and sexy. Despite always thinking otherwise. And the nicest of them all.

He who makes me smile. *wink*


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