Monday, September 03, 2007

Soupe Du Jour

Not exactly a french dish .. but just to go with the flow of the whole Ratatouille mood in place.

Clam Chowder with Puff Pastry ala Dome Style

The puff pastry was supposed to be "puffy" and "flaky" .. but I'm just an amature,

so desole, pardon moi.

This time .. I had a sous chef to assist me in this whole kitchen rendezvouz.

Char-les got too excited.

It took about 3 hours to whip out this meal .. and 15 minutes to gorge down the blardy thing.
But it was worth it .. coz it was FANTASTIC ! And everyone LOVED it !

BigOne loved it. I was ready to be the rubbish-bin to help him clear his waste but there wasn't a drip left for me. Feels good when people are happy.

Aren't people who know me Happy to have me around??? Hahaha~ Shameless!

* * * * * *

The long weekend was rather quiet. But somehow felt that I haven't had enough of the holidays coz I was busy lazing around. BigOne was busy with his stuff .. but I had stuff to keep me occupied.

When he decided to get me the PSP for my birthday .. he couldn't have made a better decision. The one and only thing that could shut me up from complaining if I was deprived of any attention and company. Feels like a kid. Just put me in a corner with my game console on and I'll be fine.

It was the first thing I pick up when I open my eyes from bed .. plug in my earpiece and start gaming. When I had enough, I'll just snooze it and go for a nap. I just vegetate in my bed. I'll even drag till the very last minute to go get ready before he comes pick me up for dinner. *hehe ... i'm such an addicted freak*

And this got me occupied the whole weekend. Hail ... LocoRoco.

When Char-les downloaded the game to my console, I though it could occupy me for at least a month before moving on to a new one. But I finished it in 2 damn days. Not exactly easy but very enjoying .. and frustrating. I was on it with my earpiece on and was cursing and swearing till Mamamia came in to see what the racket was all about. She didn't understand how can a game get people all worked up when it was supposed to be some form of "entertainment".

The music throughout the game is annoyingly cute and addictive. I found myself humming to it till today .. and even trying to download it if there's any, to set it as my ringing or message tone. It's just too cute .. some guy even have the karaoke version of the theme song!

Any new games to intro ???


Geline said...

the song is so cute........ its my ringtone now

jamieternity said...

babe .. where you d/l the song? send to me ler ..