Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Outrages !

I'm Pissed !
I feel so maligned !
This is completely

It's been 6 months since our fateful departure from what we used to call Bliss. But people can't seem to accept that the whole event is now a "WAS". It's so "WAS" that I couldn't even be bothered by the details or whatever should be the details.

I've moved on .. happily .. and I guess he did as well .. so should you people.

So stop going around giving a completely different side of the story which is so gonna humiliate yourself. Get your fucking facts straight before you open that hole in your face of yours. Even if the story was to bend a little, do not fucking make me look like the desperate one.

NO ...
I did not fucking ..
  1. ... suddenly came back with a change of heart and decided to just leave
  2. ... mass send text messages to the entire world informing them of the incident
  3. ... rejoice over our seperation in my blog
  4. ... desperately beg his your return, neither did I made any attempts to seek desperate help from his family members to get him back

Instead ..

  1. I was forgiving enough to put the past behind me and moved on
  2. I was forgiving enough to still even be friends
  3. I was understanding enough to give him the benefit of doubt that it was a sudden act of impulse .. whatsoever, I don't care coz it ain't my problem no more
  4. I was benign not to go round tarnishing his wrong doings ... there wasn't a need to since the whole fucking town knows about it and have taken much interest to actually be my volunteered P.I. and presenting the facts to me ...
  5. ... and whatever happened is our private matter and I respected that privacy

If you don't know me ... don't fucking JUDGE me ...
or create some hoo-haa to make it look better ...
coz it isn't what you think it is, neither does it matter anymore.

On the contrary ..

If it doesn't matter to me anymore .. it doesn't mean it doesn't BOTHER me to be maligned as desperado.

I'm just very very outragesly pissed !

*Sorry for the excessive swearing. We're all human and we swear whenever we're pissed, no matter who you are and what you are .. even babies swear, in baby language, so I am no exception and should conform to the norm of the society. *

* * * * * *

Puberty Strikes Back


Anyone have any idea on a good pimple cream that works wonders as advertised? Something like the 3-day-gone gel ? I've been using Clearsil and the spots are still there after 3 days. Maybe it's a spot clearing cream and not a PIMPLE clearing cream. Silly me.

I have 2 annoying zits on the each of my cheek that I resemble Queen Amidala.

Isn't really attractive, nor does it add cuteness of a protruded dimple.

I'm sure within a week, the whole entourage will soon pop out.

I'm fucking 25 ! Too old to be battling puberty symptomps, no?

I need help before it all grows too big like LocoRoco eating too much flowers, and I'll be battling nipples instead of pimples!

Now that's gross !!!


haflin said...

i feel you and i sooo feel you... some people out there they are just so unstable and immature, and theres nothing much you can do to stop them, but i guess just be happy and content with yourself and just dont give a shit about them. its your life its fucking your own life, so ya. hehe.. i'm there for you heart and soul even we're far apart..hehhehe muahxxxxx

jamieternity said...

thanks lin .. i missshhh you soooo much too! and i'm so jealous nic and you could hang out at ur resort. geram nyerrrr!!!!!
can't wait to see ya soon dear .. i promise to come see ya soon k! just don't cancel on me to balik kelate k! muakssssss~~~

Geline said...

dun give a damn to those low class people... When god giving out brain they are not there to Q. Fuxk care!!!
As long as you are feeling happy now, who care??? let them be the fools!

Anonymous said...

Not surprising to find cowboys' brains in a cowboy town... Getting rumours/gossips around the town has always been a past time here.. where ppl have nothing much more meaningful to deal wif... Fools will fall into their tricks.. Applause to ur courages to leave it behind, as well as ur big heart in forgiving these bunch of fools and morons.

Anonymous said...

Good on you to let it all out! Everyone needs to vent their anger, absolutely nothing wrong with swearing at all!

Fact of the matter is, as sad as it may seem, JB is just that sort of place..not big enough for anonymity in doing what you wish without any repercussions..yet not small enough to know where rumours are rooted at..

People are what they are, especially kids these days who do not know better..have you considered maybe in this case, the horse's mouth is actually "him"..

Anyway, in the immortal words of Jerry's gal pal..yada yada yada..who cares right!

jamieternity said...

thanks so much guys for your support. it definitely made me feel better. whatever it is .. i'll live my life to the fullest and to the happiest.