Monday, April 09, 2007

A Whole Lotta Sh!t (Part II)

Freakingly sienzzzz ~~~ My long weekend has been ruined. Plans to KL has been cancelled .. so there goes my partying plans, spa plans, shopping plans, meeting up and bitching with frens plans .. hunting plans(???) .. yadda yadda yadda~~~~ Me KL-excursion partner a.k.a. Sista Giselle, is down with some "low-blood-pressure" symptoms. Apparently she's been puking non-stop due to "severe dizziness" ... but still able to make it to Coffee Bean, shopping, yamcha at Zorro and partying later ................... *rolls eyes* Am desperate to go up .. still can't accept the fact that our much sought after plans is cancelled. Was really looking forward to it .. coz long weekends hadly come by! Don't give up ... we still have a longer weekend end of the month! Gambade!! Perhaps I'll jez make use of the excess time I have by cleaning up me room, hanging out with out-of-touch buddies, bitching abt life (nothing new) .. and perm my hair! YES ... I've been wanting to do it for such a long time .. hope it turns out ok!

Am all over JB town !!!! Bangga lebih !!! The "malai-mui" (malay girl) is me .. I know the pose is kinda funny .. like I have a lame left arm or something.. but underlying point is that .. it looks great. It jez blends in so well with the artwork and all ... really ... trust me ... the pic alone looks kinda weird without the artwork. When will I get my hands on the card ... *hints*hints*

* * * * * *

Am Married ....... NOT !
Although "Donald" would make a wonderful hubby, but our so-called "romance" ended after 2 1/2 days. Buahahahahhaha~~~~ Ok, make it "Daffy" instead, since Kah Hoong preferred the name to Donald .. he thinks I'm relating him to Donald Trump and he feels that it's such a insult to his "good looks" ... bleahhhhhhh .... but its the truth, he does look soooo much better than the billionaire. Me guy frens are envious of his nice physique in which he got it naturally from years of endurement of life as a mer-man. Too bad he's here in JB for only awhile .. if not sure alot of JB gals and siu-mui-mui will die in his hands! Goes to show that there aren't many men with good physique in JB .. sad sad. But Daffy kept on being modest by going "ho kua bo ho chiak" (In Hokkien: Nice to see, not nice to eat) Ladies out there, whoever "eaten" before please let us know whethere "nice to eat or not". *KH, must treat me next time for upping ur market value* Hahahaa ..... ok .. i'll stop being perverted here!

Have seen the visuals ... very NICE !!! Will upload them when I get my hands on em. Right now, just enjoy the ones from my camera. Apparently we annoyed the hell out of the photographer .. usually people gets too tired from the shoots .. but we couldn't get enough of it. Haha .. biasa laa .. cam whores!!! Ah-Keat the photographer is one of the most humourous one i've worked with before. I mean .. seriously .. usually the photographer is the one who always have to motivate the "couple" to get into the "mood" .. but he kept killing all the vibes man! Vice-versa, we're the best models he has worked with ba ... we killed him with insaneous laughter and annoying antics.

They ought to have longer pants for the grooms. It just didn't do justice to men whom are 1.8m tall ... and on the other hand, wearing short-sport-Nike socks with formal leather shoes isn't an option either!!!

KH claims his legs are sexy ... *roll eyes* !!! And he claims that by constantly being in the water for long hours, it hinders the growth of leg hair .. or any other hair for that matters .. except puberty hair of course! I can imagine if all swimmers are hairless people ...... ewwww, so not sexy !!!

This image/style is very cute .. ala Goong style with all the teddies around. Very the kawaii oo !! And my Le Croq Sportif shoes matched really well with the dress and the whole styling.
If you always thought that models always starve themselves sick, then you're goddamn WRONG ! That assumption has always been sooooooooo wrong. The staff got us pizza for lunch .. 1 regular pizza (and of course there were some side orders of cheese sticks, coleslaw etc) We looked at it in disbelieve .. TO SHARE???? where got enough !!!! And we ordered another Large pizza. Gluttoning away in the middle of our photoshoot ... muaahahhahaha~~~ Guess the aneroxic syndrome is only applicable to the ang-mohs .. Malaysian models are gluttons ... and KH is a pig ! He had to drag in his other male model buddies together for being pigs as well to justify him not having a freaking weird appetite. Whatever makes ya happy ..... But I certainly enjoy gluttoning too, and will do my "confessions" and punishments twice a week to Shirly (my yoga guru).

More annoying pics ... Acting cute again *pukes* at mid-20s ...

And finally the veil comes up .... awwww ... when will my big day come???

38 Session at MR with Melvin, Ming Yao and Qing Hua ...

Laughter rejuvenates the overall well being of every human inside out.

* * * * * *

Barbie Loves M.A.C.

I'm a Barbie Gal ... in a Barbie World .. Life in plastic .. It's fantastic ..
You can comb my hair .. Undress me anywhere ..
Imagination .. Life is your creation
(whoever wrote those lyrics must be sick about the bolded statement! Give Barbie some dignity y'all !!)

It's one interesting modelling job I've done. I think M.A.C. has always been very successful in transforming people with their make up. Previous collections, M.A.C. managed to transform my guy partner into this super tan garderner .. Btw, he's damn fair ok! And he had to slapped on loads of bronzing liquid, bronzing powder etc etc .. The effect? Macam real sia !!!

This time .. we're all dolls .. well, Ken is a little off coz he looks too chinese for a Ken Doll. Haha .. My frens said I looked so scary in all the pics i posted on my MSN Spaces, I don't deny that ... which doll isn't scary .. somemore trying to put blonde hair on a chinese gal. Harujuku ??? Hoho ... but I think they pulled it off really well ... and Vic and I really enjoyed being plastic throughout the Barbie Gal song. Meet the plastic-bunch ...

* * * * * *

Happy Birthday Granny

My granny turned ... errrr ... 90+ .. OMG, I actually didn't know how old she is, furthermore she's living under the same roof as I do !! I'm so useless ~~~~ *shame shame on me*

Schanppi stoled the limelight from the birthday gal .. how annoying! He has been rather .. or perhaps .. VERY annoying these days. I have loads of visitors to my place and he has to get all funked up like a raving lunatic. Trust me ... if you think shih-tsus are toy dogs and jez know how to act all cuddly and cute, then I think I got one with mutated genes that screwed up all the system in his head. But afterall .. he's my son and I love him to the max nonetheless!

Meet the family from my dad's side ... didn't know there were so many of us. Loads of them are actually cousin-niece/nephews .. clock is ticking and I'm still a Kid ! Haha ..

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