Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Princess Hours / Goong

Currently the Korean drama I'm pia'ing.. haha .. damn cute sia. Fancy me being an adult going gaga over kids.. sigh .. how come fairytales don't seem to happen to me. But this drama is damn cute. The guys are cute... esp de prince.. Prince Shin (Joo Ji Hoon). There's something about him .. think it's the character he plays.. very charming. He has that arrogance, flair .. at the same time, has a soft side. Aiyaa.. i jez like can or not. The lead actress Chae-Kyung (Yoon Eun Hye) also damn cute .. she's so sweet man. I haven't seen angle of her dat is ugly. Even when she's mad and make faces .. she's still so pretty. I think she's prettier than the "bi-a-t-c-h". My dad has been the one in the family who accompanies me to pia korean dramas. Last time was Stairway to Heaven .. waa .. dat drama damn geng.. so drama. Kwong Sang Woo ... my "cheng jun ge" was damn handsome lor ... but he damn fail laa .. keep crying like bapok sehhhh !! okok .. sure kena teruk teruk from those super-diehard-KSW fans. haha ... BUT true maa .. i don't think there's any guys who would cry dat much lor!!! Then there was Jewel In The Palace .. my dad also pia all da way with me. ahahhaha ... love u so much daddy !!!! Muakssss ... cheh .. later my mom jealous of me declaring my love for dad here .. and left her out. haha .. Love you to mom ... Btw, my mom damn cute! I call her "lao-hiao" sometimes.. hahaha .... I realized that all korean dramas are sooooo superficial !! goodness .. all perfect love story man. jap drama also no fight with them. like i said ... FAIRY-TALE ! Like this .. even handsome prince can love her. In my country .. I dont think any prince would love a commonner man. haha .. and our princes are not dat handsome and stylo lorrrr !!!
wanna go sleep now ... dream of my Prince Shin ....... come to meeeeee ....... (ok .. now i'm a perverted sick arse %^&%$##%^&&%) hahaha .... but don't we all be like dat after we watch dramas. I'd say its the post-effect ... and this shows the drama is a success .. coz it can "touch people's lives" WHATEVER !!!!

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