Saturday, September 23, 2006

T.G.I. Friday ... September 15th 2006

yahooo ... it's the weekend! TGI Friday .. Thank GOD !! and its been quite some time i've been there for a meal. Everything there is so amazingly tasty and yummyyy .. also damn fattening lor. but which "fattening" food is not delicious .. McD, KFC, Pizza .. err err .. anything with loads of cheese .. well, of coz those stuff like fats from the te-kar or 3-layer-meat etc etc are not counted laa!

weekend is here ... SOOOOOO !!! life is so uninteresting .. haha .. why am i complaining anyways! I'm living in this city so-called "JIU-HU-BEH" (with compliments from Gan-Cool-ABout-Life .. but seems like bcame UNcool-abt-life now .. haha). what do we have here .. no decent and large enough shopping malls with nice places to yamcha. SERIOUS !!! Jusco Tebrau opened and everyone is so sua-ku about the place .. hello, you guys never been to KL mer! But am proud that JB is "developing" .. ahha .. i can tell ppl that JB's not so much of a kampung dee .. we have a new mall with international brands like CK, GUESS, err err .. LA SENZA, TOPSHOP, DORETHY PERKINS, BOBBY BROWN, M.A.C., NAF NAF ..and more MNG shops! and ppl from KL will be like .."ooooooo" .. check their reaction. ahahah .. JAKUN issit ?? haha. the next thing is that more gals in JB will be dressing in MNG clothes .. like uniform man! haha .. gone were the days when Padini and Seed became the ultimate brand in JB ..... pssss .. i may be wrong about all these. ahah ... CONFIDENT ONLY !!!

a little insight on my uninteresting-JB-life .. haha ... it evolves around firstly .. my WORK, which takes up like 70% of my time .. 9-5 job, sometimes damn sien .. sometimes bz until dont have time to pee also! then there's my FAMILY to which i hv to allocate some time to spend with them. there was this period where i stayed out alot and my dad was making so much noise abt it .. saying like i'm treating this home like a hotel.. jez come back to shower and sleep only. Dear Dad .. I was single then, go dating maa ... if not then how am i with my dear moo-moo now ler!! and then there's a new addition to my life .. SCHNAPPI the shih-tsu. ppl all ask me y schnappi .. only my colleagues know .. hahaha .. the german song about a silly crocodile kept repeating on the radio for like tons of times .. and it got downloaded into my brain. haha ... he's the most adorable dog ever. heck care if he's not a pedigree or capalang dog or watever. u have to see him to know. everybody loves him .. haha .. at 3 months old, he's soooo smart! he knows how to wee in the correct spot, knows tricks like fetch, sit, stay, stand, hand, etc.. my mom thinks that he'll be walking on his 2 hind legs in a few months to come. ahhaah ... he's not noisy, so manja, irritating at times, and always excited like a jack russell..well, he has a limit though, unlike the jack russell.

then there's my 2 sistas .. ECHELLE and GISELLE aka MEI-MEI and GIS. we hv been together since 14 .. obviously i love them alot. we're 3 very unique ppl .. but we are nevertheless closest thing ever. we have a loaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddd of history behind us .. i'll blog that next time.

and finally .. my other half JOHNFY LEW. its amazing that we actually been together coming 3 years now. we are 2 totally different people .. we come from 2 different backgrounds, brought up in 2 different ways, love different things, act differently, react differently etc etc ... but there are some similarities as well .. we both love cheese, hate bittergords, love golf, annoying .. hahaha.. i can still remember the first time when we actually went out, i told myself that this so-called relationship would only last like 2 months, 3months max. see how long we last baa~~~~~

besides all those .. i have my dear friends .. so sorry for them whom i've seldom contact .. but we all dont have enough time!! unless the normal working hours are like 9am-1pm .. and then we'll have time for everything! ahah .... DREAM ON !!!

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