Friday, October 31, 2008

Boof !

When we go Boo~ during Halloween ..

Schnappi-Doo goes Boof~ (Boo+Woof) =D

He's much luckier with costumes.

Thanks to Joey+Alvin that Schnappi-Doo finally got his first outfit.

A pink bunny suit =D

I know ............... he's a boy ...
Pink is the new black .. no?

Such coincidence that I have been calling my boy "Bunny-Boy" coz he always hops around in excitement like a bunny.

Enjoy Schnappi's Halloween dress-up ..

All costumes are courtesy of Tucker (Joey's boy) and Rascal (Joanne's boy) wardrobe.






Soulja-Boy (Soldier Boy)

Soulja Boy Off In This Hoe ...

Watch me Crank It .. Watch me Roll
Watch me Crank Dat Soulja Boy .. Then Super Man Dat Hoe
Now, Watch me You...
The Dark Knight
Happy Halloweeeeen !


Goes to show I'm so deprived of Halloween madnezz. +S


UncleJosh said...

wah~~! you bought so many attire for him... hahaha

jamieternity said...

haha ... i only own one of it .. the bunny suit. the rest is from my bestie who is sooooo into her dog. so that explains the suits =)