Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Batik & Songket Galore

The mag is out much earlier than expected.
Newtide Mag - August 2008 issue.

Honestly we all weren't that satisfied with the pics .. coz we weren't heavily photoshoped.
Oh come on, eveyone's heavyly photoshoped in magazines. That's why I always say, pictures are deceiving. Major deceiving. I've got people telling me how gorgeous I am when they see my pics, until they say the real person, then they'll say something like "You look better in person". Yea rite .. who we kidding.

Sorry Byno .. I know you badly you wanna give me tight slap to wake me up from all the negativities. *wink*

Ok laaaa ... it's not as bad as it is. I was just expecting sooooo much more from it. The angmoh from the spread before and after our section was flawless .. can tell the major difference lor. I bet she's as unperfect as all of us also .. (making myself feel better). The pics obviously didn't do any justice to Jasmine's super slim body .. who in the pics have pot bellies, and ugly crotch lines from the tights (big no no man!) that her friends asked her to go on a diet. Any thinner and her existance will suddenly vanish. Ya laa .. my pot belly got no excuses laa .. happy!

But this pics rocks ... Love the poise, the pose, the elegance ..
they call it the "Miss" photoshoot. Miss Chinese International?? *teehee*

And the groupie pics ..
but basket ... these people dunno how to croup pics properly ...
This pic rocked too .. but I kena cropped too much =.=!

And the multicolor songket collection from Bill Keith.
Can't wait to see the Loreal one!

Patience my dearss ... *wink*

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