Thursday, August 30, 2007

Je Ne Sais Pas Francais

A flamboyant language I will never be able to master. It just has it's air of classiness, arrogance, and aristocracy. Even speaking English with a French accent is so sexy. I'll rank it second to speaking with a British accent.

Simply amazing, don't you think darling.

Ratatouille was fantastic. Picture 2 adults decked in chic office wear strutting into the cinema to what may seem is the screening of an animated rat who suffers an identity crisis. And it didn't take too long before these 2 adults turned into excited kids.

5 minutes into the show ... i exclaimed ..

"OMG .. you are so Remy !"

And he gave me an approving smile ... there was no way he could deny. It was just too obvious!

Fancy saying that to the current interest when Remy so happened to be the name of my ex-interest. Ooopsss !

* * * * * *

I used to be biaised against watching cartoons animated movies in the cinema. I just felt it wasn't worth my penny to catch a "kid's" show. But the tables have turned now .. we are so eagerly anticipating Bee Movie. BigOne's a big fan of Jerry Seinfield that this is a MUST WATCH movie. How big of a fan is he? That his DVD collection is like a most prized possession/treasure that mustn't be lost or touched in any way by anyone without the pressence of the owner.

L.O. : So you have DVDs of the Jerry Seinfield shows?
B.O. : Yup ... all of it .. every single episode
L.O. : Can lend ?
B.O. : No
L.O. : Why not ?!!
B.O. : If you wanna watch it then you have to do it at my place. I just don't want the DVDs to be transported to another place. I don't trust the whole "transportation" thingy
L.O. : Even if you're driving?
B.O. : Yea
L.O. : *roll eyes*

* * * * * *

Does anyone have any idea where to find good authentic french restaurants?

JB to be exact.

And No .. Chez Papa isn't an authentic french restaurant although the chef may be french, but it serves western food just like any other places.

Authentic restaurants as in they serve foie gras and ratatouille .. and where everything on the menu is foreign to me. Just like authentic Japanese restaurants .. God knows what are on the menu, and you can never order properly without the help of the senior waitress.

Although foie gras sounds pretty intimidating and yucky .. but it's a delicacy I need to try.

Well ... since the likelihood of being able to find one in JB is hard, I welcome all other recommendations .. so I could pop by when I do a wee bit of traveling.

Eating has been my current enthusiasm, and without my twice weekly yoga and ol'ye faithful treadmill .. I'll end up looking like Emile (whom btw is Remy's brother) (not Remy Remy .. but Remy Ratatouille). I ain't that young anymore so I cannot go on lying to myself that the high metabolic rate still exists in my system .. coz it doesn't. Accept fact ... and fate. I've enjoyed my fair bit .. no .. enjoyed my massive bit .. so it's time to suffer with all the other people whom god's given gift has expired.

* * * * * *

It's Merdeka eve .. and it sucks .. coz ..

  1. It doesn't even feel like a celebrative holiday
  2. I'm not in a holiday mood
  3. Currently there are no plans to get out of this city .. nothing to look forward to
  4. Nicholas made it worse by telling me that the whole bunch of them are on their retreat to Haflin's resort .. and I can't go .. *damn* And he went on to make me feel even remorse by saying "Don't say I didn't tell you" ... grrrr ~~~~
  5. I'm still at work
Oh well .. guess it's gonna be the Penthouse party at Sir Tan's .. where me and my BelovedNeighbour will have our multiplayer battle on our PSPs.

We'll see ... *fingers crossed*


cc said...

Ahhh..Jerry..your better half sounds like he certainly has taste in his sitcoms! Am a bit of a sitcom addict myself too. It's really a shame Jerry wound it up so soon, but I guess the lure of syndication money was way to hard resist..I mean he and Larry David (the guy George is based on) did get a cool US$250mil each for the darn show!

You know what's great about the show, no matter how many times I watch the reruns, I seem to laugh at the same darn jokes, every single time..go figure, you just can't get sick of it! Not bad for a show about nothing!

I wonder, has your better half seen "Curb your enthusiasm" with Larry David? Try it, you'll die laughing! If you think Jerry and the gang are about as neurotic as they get, Larry brings neurosis to new heights!

p/s: sorry to ramble on seem to have a knack of touching on subjects of my passion..I'm really looking forward to Bee Movie too..

jamieternity said...

You really have mass knowledge for just about anything. I'm truly amazed. Sincerely.

I'm yet to start on Jerry .. let alone the Prison Break Season 1 DVDs which have been sitting in the cabinet for the longest time ever. But at least I did finish Heroes.. and it's superb! Can't wait for Season 2!!

cc said...

It is wonderful isn't it! Don't you just love the shows that make you think! It's probably the best show around right now..can't wait for the 2nd season either!