Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fashion Aid 2007

My first charitable event of the year .. at least it was something! Was modelling some outfits for auctioning to raise funds for the flood victims of Johor. Yea .. it's been a few weeks since that catastrophe ended .. however, they still need the funds eh~ Gotta thank some super rich uncles who are so willing to part with their cash of a few Ks .. we managed to raised our budget by double! The models backstage were kinda pessimistic on whether their outfits were gonna get any buyers at all coz it really ain't our style .... especially the outfits worn by my batch~ we were so called "winter" wear .. helloooo ... Malaysia???!!! The so-called winter-wear wasn't the average puffy jackets etcetera etcetera .. More of tweed, cardigans and mink fur! Well .. some may find it nice but it jez ain't my cup of tea. Anyways .. my outfit was this super mini skirt with gold prints on it (i swore people would be able to see my arse from the bottom of the stage.. thank god Steph borrowed me her tights) coupled with a decent cardigan .. and yes ... with fur!It was the most "decent" one among the rest ! Managed to auctioned it off at RM1,000 ... about 5 times the original price. Not too bad ... haha ! Gan reckoned that it would have fetched more if it didn't looked so cheap i.e. jeans and cotton cardi. But thanks anyways for upping the bid in between :) My next item up for auction was this Henessy-canon. Results were kind of sad .. haha .. Ralph up the bid by $100 .. and it was sold to him -.-"" Better than nothing! Was too tired to even care anymore ... Or maybe those people already fused up their pockets for auctioning the earlier items. John and gang won the bid for the Corden Bleu-canon .. *grrr* makes me mad when he didn't supported "my item" ! But anyways .. better get the Corden Bleu than that Hennesy rite ????? The whole event took kinda long ... one too many outfits to be auctioned off ... sleazy sleepwear coupled with liquor *this i strongly object .. somesort of selling off the gals modesty* .. and more liquor ~ Was super duper tired .. but it all paid off for being able to raise good money for charity. Awww ... how thoughtful and caring of me ... *grins .. and rolls eyes*

Inconsideration. Why do some people get so selfish and inconsiderate when they're in the midst of doing something they like? I think it's totally uberrrrrrrly inconsiderate and selfish when I was sick, tired, and hungry .. and you asking me to wait while you enjoy your drinks! Sorry .. I don't know .. but I don't think I'm in the wrong and I won't admit it. *macam that person will read my blog .. bleahhhhhh* Thanks .. I ended up with severe sore throat and mild fever .. and today i'm basically mute coz my throat condition worsened! I can even feel the stinging my ears .. arrghh .. can't have my fav McDs ..*sulky face with twisted mouth*

*am so freakingly pissed* What can ease a man's ego and a woman's stubborness??

Oopss... I'd like to extend my apology to WeiRen for screaming at his face *buta-buta kena* Sorry babe .. jez couldn't control myself .. the volcano has erupted just before you came. No hard feelings ya!

New club in town .. Lush .. just beside Dolce. I have not patronize that place yet .. but have got some bad feedbacks from a couple of people. Hahaha ... guess you guys gotta stick to the old-"hole" till some better new place comes up. The grill is back .. please stop the vandalism! I was "innocently" involved !!

Chinese New Year is coming ... can't wait can't wait ~~~ Throat aa throat .. better get well soon .. in need for gluttoning penang delicacies ~~ nyum nyum !!


Anonymous said...

What can ease a man's ego and a woman's stubborness??

a) Time.
b) True love.
c) man's ego - woman's tenderness,
woman's stubbornness - man's patience.
d) Lots and lots of alcoholic drinks.

Pick one.


Anonymous said...

Oh... I don't recommend option d).
As for your stubbornness... time will change that so don't worry about it.


jamieternity said...

haha .. thanks~ anyways.. your abbreviations are getting longer and longer ... YN2BF SWLYBNETLY
i get the YN2BF .. how about the back one???

Anonymous said...

I'm not really your YN2BF. If i'm your no.2 biggest fan, the-rest-of-the-world would be your biggest. I'm not implying I don't like you. I'm just saying that if you have a secret admirer or stalker, I'm not the first you should be thinking of or something.

I'm just your average online blog browser that's all. Anyway, great blog... nice cookies too. Have fun selling them =)

Hope you have someone nice like me to share your valentine's day with... and enjoy your coming CNY too.

Will read your blog once in a while and if you have questions, only then I'll post as I love answering questions. (yeah right)

As for SWLYBNETLY... I accidentally cut and paste my password to my blog account. It doesnt mean anything. Thanks for noticing.

Hey, by the way, what's your favourite movie(s) and food?


YN2BF <= Your No. 2 "Blogging" Fan...

sigh... time to get my own valentine's date.

Anonymous said...

I have another question to ask you, what do you suggest is a good nick for a guy? Stage name / nick also nevermind.


jamieternity said...

wow .. the "BF" can be changed now and then. anyways .. thanks for supporting my blog. am still kinda amature at it. hope you get ur valentine's date soon :)

as for your nick .. well, it has to be associated with you .. just about anything .. from your character to your interests..

what's your blog address? would love to view it as well .. :)

btw .. i love italian food .. and movies .. just about anything, am a movie lover .. :)

Anonymous said...

My character... I'm flexible, suave, nice, good looking, intelligent, single, best of all, honest and shameless... so what nick suits me?

Will post a blog address once u suggest a nick for me. Make sure it's unique enough to identify me.

I don't like long nick. It doesnt have to make sense. Just help me suggest one.

Happy valentine's day,